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Welcome to my fascinating world

The world of translation is probably one of the few where it can be said to be a process of constant refinement, polishing and repolishing work again and again:

first of all because a translation can always be improved upon – this quest for perfection is for me a sine qua non –,

but also because the translator's work constantly starts anew – it comes with the certainty of never having to translate the same text twice, boredom is something I never experience.


Translation n.  The act of rendering in a target language the message conveyed by the source language without changing its meaning. 

As I understand it, translation entails

  • Adapting the message from the source language into the target language, taking into account cultural specificities as well as customer requirements: I adapt the text not only for the target market but also in line with the customer’s terminology. 

  • Being creative: I’m not a robot and nor do you want a text translated by automatic translation software. So we’re a perfect match.

  • Translating only into my mother tongue: while I do have a full command of my working languages, only my native language allows me to bring out all the nuances and all the richness of your text. 

  • Working closely with you: I listen to your needs and I will not hesitate to ask you to clarify what you mean.

  • Finally – and I think this goes without saying – I am committed to treating your information with the utmost confidentiality and to respecting the agreed deadlines: these are fundamental pillars of our relationship of mutual trust.

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